Wind on Rain Slicked Skin

The fires were finally under control, so the road was opened back up. Not everyone knew this, so there weren’t many people around. An ideal situation on all fronts — open roads, no people, upon an expansive land in seasonal flux that had extinguished fire. I arrived in late afternoon, no time for a hike, or to even figure out exactly where I was or the location of the major points of interest. This was a good thing, too, as it was a more direct route to simply pulling over and making my way towards the water. A gigantic clear lake mirroring back an indecisive thunderstorm is a portal to a realm in which anxiousness and calm slow dance until the sun goes down. I gladly succumbed to the wonder of the quiet ferocity of weather upon a vibrant body of water in stillness. Surrounded by trees upon mountains as far as my eyes could see, I tried so hard to just let myself be there. I dare not say the trivial places my mind went. But there were glimmers of clarity. Getting drenched by rain provided a wonderful assist, because I swear for a moment I was just one with the blur of the pelted, splashing water and the pouring, relentless rain. It wasn’t personal — everything there was swirled together, entwined by the pulsing gusts of momentary winds upon lands that further our understanding of timelessness. The thunder that rang out was our collective reaction. Quickly, though, the storm passed, and I was just standing there, at the water’s edge, soaking wet. I made my way back to the car, turned up the heat, and headed back home.

This series of photos (and accompanying text/poems) was first published in the 14th issue of former cactus.


Wind on rain slicked skin
swirling mist conjures a last dance
after the clouds break


Collapse of thunder
echoes of lands swept by fire
last stand at water’s edge


There lies every story
lapping of water on rock
the leaves take their turn


Then it will be gone
long stretch of a search in vain
a heavy rain falls


Drop from the sky’s swirl
stakes its claim for unknown realms
rolls forth to beyond